In a thriving culture
every voice is heard, valued, and respected!

Culture Exploit is the tool that transforms your data into guided plans 
to help leaders and employees go the last mile,
and will helps you get better
Engagement, Employee Retention and Customer Experience.

the challenge

Make employees feel heard
and appreciated!

Most engagement tools don´t really manage Company Culture, they barely measure it!

Companies struggle to get valuable information about their employees.
Culture Exploit helps leaders get the right  information about the company culture.

Lack of knowledge gives the following frightening fact


87% of employees are disengaged in Europe

This can be compared to if your company had been a ship with 100 rowers. 

  • 72 had not rowed (Not engaged, Quiet quitting)
  • 15 rowed in wrong direction (Actively disengaged, Loud quitting)
  • 13 rowed correctly. (Engaged)

As a captain, it would have been completely unacceptable, 
but that is actually the case in most organizations in 2024.


34% of employees are intent to leave daily at work

Are currently looking for a different job and other opportunities than the they have now?

  • Is it a culture issue?
  • Is it because of bad leaders?
  • No possibilities in excisting company?

This contributes most likely to large increased costs included recruiting cost and takes time and loss of effect.


39% of employees are stressed daily at work

Why? And what can it mean for the company that so many are stressed daily?

  • Higher sick leave
  • Lower effect
  • People leave.

All this contributes to large increased costs.

The main challenge 
is the absence of knowledge about people and company culture that makes strategies fail.

According to Gallup, disengaged employees have 37% higher absenteeism, 18% lower productivity
and 15% lower profitability.

Leaders want better information on how they can make better use of employees' strengths

What to Expect

Would you let a doctor 
operate on you without doing an
examination first?

We will help leaders solve problems before it is a problem

The tools will show (and help you) what to do after a full examination of culture, leadership skills and behavior tendencies.

The people in the real world do not behave like the people we make all our usual strategies for.

If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old

A strong company culture aligned with strategy and leadership
drives positive organizational outcomes.

Without mapping, most projects will not achieve the desired result after the scheduled time.
Changing a culture is difficult and takes time.
Leading a culture that we know how respond will make it possible to leverage the strengths and be conscious of the weaker sides.

Culture Exploit, Easy to adapt, easy to use

A little less talk and a lot more action

Start a new survey in less than 10 minutes

  • Set up and integration is done by us, (if you want to)
  • Help leaders solve problem, before it is a problem
  • Measure "We" and not only "I" as in engagement surveys

In Culture EXPLOIT we gives you the view on how the actual culture is perceived among all employees. This gives your managers the insights they need to improve their teams, backed up with real data.

You can complete Culture Exploit in 14 languages. 
English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Dutch, Romanian and Serbian. Do you need another language? take contact.

The learning wheel - a guide to increase
the effectiveness of learning.
How to use Culture Exploit to thrive your company culture!

MOVE (Measure - Observe - Valuate - Elevate).

Baseline - Getting the complete map of the organization.

Automatic learning - Tooltips for training and gap minimization, based on focus areas

Leadership skills - The potential, based on skills

Behavior tendencies - The potential, based on behaviors

Pulse - Check on progress

Training - individual training on skills, based on gap in company culture and potential

Signals - Short indicators, so you can easily and fast change direction

Culture Exploit´s Dashboard

Culture Exploit will help you choose focus areas based on the gap between your strategy and the company culture.

It has real live reports and you can drill down on many aspects.

Leaders can see all the information about the organization in one view!

The unique system helps leaders get the right information and how to

develop employees and build great company culture.

With the help of Culture Exploit, you will find out where you are, your possibilities

and speed of getting where you want to go.

Do people make an impact?

Human capital makes up as much as 80% of our capital, says Børge Brende, president of The World Economic Forum. In Culture Exploit we helps companies to focus on the people in an organization, so that good health for both individual and company will have a positive impact.

Culture EXPLOIT support UN´s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Throughout our products and people we especially working for

  • #3 Good health and Wellbeing
  • #5 Gender Equality
  • #8 Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • #9 Industry Innovation and Infrastructure
  • #10 Reduced Inequalities
  • # 13 Climate Action

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What they say

We wanted to become more aware of the culture in the company, so that the leaders could lead better. The result could be tough for some of the leaders but we were pleasantly surprised by many of the strengths we had not utilized.



A new course is needed because the world has changed and our view of man has changed compared to what it looked like yesterday.
Technology and knowledge made us overcome so many obstacles and release incredible things. I love Culture exploit since finally we can show the same kind of fascination and interest in our own people and our own organizations. Imagine where this will lead us?

Jari Aho

CEO and Cofounder Force Agile Sweden

We were to merge two companies and we wanted an overview of the strengths and challenges of the two companies. For us it was several aha experiences that would have been critical for us if we had not brought it up. We were also surprised by several strengths we were not aware of both in our own and in the company that was acquired.


CEO Financial sector

We knew we had challenges in some departments, but we were unable to describe the challenge specifically. The tools we used did not give clear answers. With Culture Exploit, we got clear answers about what the challenge was. The simplicity of the whole product meant that I could use it immediately without any additional admin resources.


HR Manager

I liked the flexible approach and professional support combined with a solid survey tool. It was a good experience all the way. It showed us detailed information of what people in different departments are struggling with and pointed to what is essential to improve.

Yngvar Sjoner

HR Director, Nemko Group

The Culture Exploit tool is a fast and eye opener as thermometer of my organization
What used to be complex and time-consuming to measure the company culture, has become a relatively fast and easy-to-use tool that gives our leaders practical inside information and also how to react, without difficult interpretations and all without the use of expensive external consultants.

Edwin Schreur

Partner, Teamon, Madrid and Amsterdam

plans &pricing- we keep our plans very easy to understand.


5 - 50 employees

Fast and flexible.
The right questions to understand your employees and make strategic decisions.

  • Culture and pulse surveys
  • Advanced heatmaps
  • Full demographics drilldown
  • Diversity, Equality, Inclusion and belongings report
  • 10+ Scientific survey templates
  • Full flexibility
  • Online reports
  • 360 feedback
  • +100  Bevior tendencies
  • Job match profiles
  • Tooltip for leaders
  • Instant access to all tutorials
  • Personalized development plans
  • Dedicated support on premises


Per employee per month


1 000 - and up

Fast and flexible.
Increase performance at scale by aligning employee development to stratetic success and empower leadership effectiveness.

  • Culture and pulse surveys
  • Advanced heatmaps
  • Full demographics drilldown
  • Diversity, Equality, Inclusion and Belongings report
  • 10+ Scientific survey templates
  • Full flexibility
  • Online reports
  • 360 feedback
  • +100  Bevior tendencies
  • Job match profiles
  • Access control for all leaders
  • Tooltip for leaders
  • Instant access to all tutorials
  • Personalized development plans
  • Dedicated support on premises


Is the Culture Exploit platform only for larger companies?

No! In fact, the platform is specifically thought and designed to meet all requirements, no matter the size of the company. Smaller companies benefit from the unique value pricing, from the ease of use and the abundance of standard templates available, while the bigger companies vastly benefit from the massive customisation capability and scalability.

Are Culture Exploit expensive?

We don’t believe in charging for things you don’t need or want. If you compare us with others, we are more affordable. We want to be seen as the one that gives you the most value for the money invested. We believe that there should not be a high threshold for developing a good culture. The go-to guy for company culture.

How long is the contract period?

When paying on a yearly basis, the contract period is 12 months and can be canceled two months before it expires. Otherwise, the contract will be extended another 12 months.

How long does it take to set-up my Culture Exploit account?

It takes on average one week from the signing of the contract until Culture Exploit  is ready for use in your company.

Once the agreement has been signed, we collect information about the employees and how the organization is structured by country and by department. When the organization is built, access to the system will be given to the managers for their levelOnce this is done, the system is ready for use.

Is the system anonymous?

Yes! 100% anonymous. We only reveal the scores of a dimension after a certain number of answers have been accumulated, thus not allowing for users to guess who scored them. People know “what” was said but not “who” said it. This allows all team members to really express what is on their mind without fear of any retribution.

How does the system know if I have completed a survey? Does that mean I can be identified?

The system has a record of whether you have completed the survey or not. This is automatically tracked by the system so that it can send you reminders to take the survey before the deadline. Tracking your responses also enables the system to customize each survey to you. All of this is done automatically, without human intervention, and your responses are kept confidential throughout. There are various data visibility controls in place to protect your identity and restrict who can see your survey responses. This information is not visible to anyone in your company. Whether you have responded to the survey is never revealed to your managers. We take confidentiality extremely seriously at Culture Exploit.

What if I leave the page without answering all the questions, will they be saved for when I come back?

If you login to the system again. The system will always know where you left, no matter if you login on another device or browser.

How much extra work will implementing Culture Exploit mean for me?

In simple terms: We do 99% of the work and you do the other 1%. We work closely with you to set up the system in a way that runs pretty much automatically. All you have to do is upload your employee database and we take care of the rest. Managing the system is also extremely easy and intuitive. We offer online support, on-screen step-by-step tutorials and live help any time you need it.

Can team members answer the employee surveys on their phones?

Absolutely! Culture Exploit is fully responsive and designed to be used on the go. Just don’t use it while driving.

Is Culture Exploit only in English?

No. Culture Exploit is today in 14 different languages and expanding. All our questions, settings and reports are in all languages. Videos, PDF’s and customer service are in English and nordic languages today.

Culture Exploit support the following languages: English, German, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Dutch, French, Spanish, Portugeese, Italian, Arabic, Romanian and Serbian.

Is Culture Exploit easy to use?

Yes! With Culture Exploit, there is no information overload. You won’t need to hire a full time person just to learn how it works, and teach others how to use it.

Is Culture Exploit for every kind of business?

No. Really it’s not. Culture Exploit is not a magic wand that will fill your business with rainbows and unicorns. It will work best for organizations that already or have decided to work consciously to improve their organizational culture. We help you measure and select the right focus areas that will give your organization the best opportunities for improvement, but you have to be willing to take action with the results that we uncover.

How is Culture Exploit better than other workplace climate software?

Contrary to the ‘I’ point of view analyzed in engagement surveys – Culture EXPLOIT seek to understand the ‘We’.
According to Berkeley Professor Morten Hansen, who found out through his research how much greater the impact of purpose in relation to passion had on job performance.

Research says that managers want better information on how to better utilize the strengths of employees. The tools we have seen today are not adapted to the everyday lives of managers. Quick and easy overview of what matters for how to manage the organization tomorrow.
Based on this, we started Xientia to give leaders better tools to describe how the organization really is. The analyzes should be easy to interpret and implement for all employees. The reports must be easy for the leader to understand, and no need for long courses and certifications.
There was a lot of solutions out there, but the products were mostly based on the gut feeling of consultants, or large expensive analyzes that were reserved for the largest organizations. Something was certainly right, but most had no reality.

We believe in leaders who believe in their employees
Based on our experience we developed a completely new analysis fully digitized to more efficient analyze the people in the organization. This means that leaders at all levels have easy access to those they lead and want to see the strengths and challenges that exist.
Real-time data – which is just plain awesome. 100% anonymous surveys – which makes it safe. Fun to use – which is the opposite of boring.

Why is customization a valuable option for our organization?

For many reasons! First of all, you no longer have to assess people for hours and browse through data you basically don’t need. By using the Culture Exploit platform’s customisation options you can create surveys meeting your specific needs. With traditional vendors you have to measure what they established you should measure. Another, and perhaps even more important implication is that you also have to put your employees through unnecessary time which we know is becoming an increasing problem. Furthermore, you have to locate the information you need in reports filled with information which aren’t really relevant.

Is it difficult to build my own survey?

No, it’s probably much simpler than you imagine. You just need to choose and pick from 36 different number of dimensions and Stress tendencies. It’s literally a matter of a few minutes before you are ready to use your standard customised assessment.

What do I need in order to use the Culture Exploit platform?

All you need is access to the Internet and a browser. The Culture Exploit platform is a global SaaS, Cloud-based solution. This also means that the platform is truly scalable.

Where is Culture Exploit developed?

We have development hubs in Europe. Besides attracting the best developers available, our development hubs also provide a reliable and global platform support. HQ and product development are in Norway.

Is Culture Exploit a safe platform?

Absolutely! The platform is a dynamic application.
Our security is first class, both for IT and of course for each employee.
 Extensive SSO application catalogue - Provisioning - Security policies, compliance (GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA)
The platform is hosted in Belgium, but can be  which probably has the most rigid data protection laws and regulations in the world. The GR8PI platform conforms to EU laws and regulations, and on top of that, we hold the prestigious and EU approved EuroCloud Star Audit certification. It doesn’t really get any better than that!

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