March 25

Culture Analysis, We Launch The Brand New Culture Exploit.


Organizations need a quick, objective overview of human capital.

We believe that it is necessary to measure the culture of organizations in order to understand the strengths and how to lead in order to utilize them. Today’s solutions have often been expensive, we wanted to do something about it! That’s why we launch Culture Exploit, a brand new culture analysis. It does not have to be expensive to be good. If you are 100 employees in the company, the annual cost will be a maximum of € 2,940 and you can measure as many times as you want!

Culture Exploit is built with the greatest safety requirements

Our platform is easy to customize, easy to use and easy to understand. Data is analyzed automatically and reduces the need for admin for managers. Dynamic dashboards make it easy to see results and start the development of culture. Our security is first class, both for IT and of course for every employee.

  • Extensive SSO application catalog
  • Provisioning
  • Security policies, compliance (GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA)

Why measure with use of a culture analysis?

There are continuously faster and more critical changes in the environment that lead to changes in strategy and adjustments in the organization. This leads to an increased degree of innovation, globalization and digitalisation, people are required to work across functions and countries. Breaking down the silos is not easy, but necessary. Culture EXPLOIT gives you a view of how the actual culture is perceived among all employees. This gives your leaders the insight they need to improve their teams, compared to real data. Culture Exploit is a Culture Analysis that seeks to understand the “We”, and not only the ‘I’ point of view used in engagement surveys.

  • Human capital makes up as much as 80% of our capital, and this is important to think about in both the long and short term, says Børge Brende, president of the World Economic Forum.
  • Forrester says that 58% of the obstacles in a transformation come from cultural issues.

One view

You can go down to department level, age, gender, seniority, geography, education level or a combination of all these. Culture Exploit discovers whether there is tension between the current situation and the desired situation. Correlating this data with other factors will make it easy to determine where the culture works well and where it does not. “If you can not measure it, you can not improve it,” says Peter Drucker. Measuring once is just a happening. Using Culture Exploit will be a continuous process of improvement.

What do we measure in our Company Culture Analysis?

We measure 9 groups that influence the organization’s culture. These are divided into 36 different dimensions.
Each leader will get direct access to their employees. We also place great emphasis on stress in the organization and make this visible for the leaders.
The world has been through great challenges with people in focus, so do we. Layoffs, home office and digitization have been some of the challenges. The knowledge of the people in the organization, how they react, what we can expect and how to lead them are things that changed immediately.

Culture has a big impact on how quickly we can apply any change. Therefore, measuring the organization’s culture is a good thing to gain control over. What you can see, you can do something with. Leverage the strengths and develop the challenges. We want all organizations to have the opportunity to measure the culture in the organization and it should be good, affordable, easy and fast.

Explore and Exploit Company Culture.

Culture is more than table tennis and free beer on Friday Trust is the cornerstone that must be present for other things to work. Whether you work remotely or in a community, trust is just as important. Simon Sinek says: High Performance or High Trust? Each time, you should prefer high confidence and medium performance to even low performance over toxic people with high performance and low confidence.
Read more about company culture analysis and how to measure what matters in your organization
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