Culture Exploit gives you the flexibility and customization that is right for your organization!

Do you measure things that do not make sense?

What do we mean with customizable?

It means that you can customize the Culture Exploit platform to fit what you need to examine about your company culture. We basically have two types of customization:
Our standard customization enabling you to create your own survey through a simple “pick and choose exercise”, guided by the platform. Or you can choose our predefined surveys. The Culture Exploit platform is so extensive that you’ll be impressed by the number of dimensions to choose from and the standard opportunities available.

Do you measure what matters to both the organization and the employees?

What is in our predefined surveys?

Deep dive

The complete Culture Exploit survey

Here, everything is measured so that you do not miss any strengths or challenges in the organization's culture. We recommend "Deep dive" when you make the first measurement. With the help of the accompanying reports, it will be very easy to see what you as an organization should emphasize in the upcoming development work for the organization.


How is it today and how should it be and the importance

Is there anything that worries the employees? We look at 16 tendencies that make employees happy or unhappy, psychological secure and what matters in their daily life.

Is included in "Deep dive" and can be combined with "Custom", "Diversity, Equality and Inclusion" and "Pulse" 


Where is your focus?

After you have completed a "Deep dive" survey, it will be natural to select focus areas. In order to check the response in their development work in connection with the focus areas, it is important to run more frequent "Pulse" measurements. The results here will help you change the course of development faster if not the desired effect.


The dimensions you want more knowledge about

If you know the organization very well, you can choose the dimensions you want more knowledge about. Here you can choose anything from 1 to 36 dimensions. You can also choose a set of dimensions for 1 department and a different layout for another department. We would recommend that you have a certain number of dimensions that are common to all departments while you add the dimensions that should be unique per department.

DEI or D & I

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

Here we look at DEI in the organization. We address the questions that matter to this and look at demographic data that provides an overview of the organization.

Is included in "Deep dive" and can be combined with "Stresstendencies". In "Deep dive" it will be visible in the DEI report.

We want to give you more than normal, When You Sign Up

"It's so easy to spend time on everything that can be counted. Therefore, professional gatherings are often about budget, finance, investments, strategies, reporting, action plans and guidelines. Often accompanied by a comment that "Now we must do more and prioritize the right tasks". Before we continue with some theory, some powerpoints with new models. And then, finally, a little bit about "culture and such" - if there is time left then".

Trude  Fjærli Giskås


Culture Exploit gives you the flexibility and customization that is right for your organization. Choose the dimensions that best suit you based on your experience or previous measurements.


Today Culture Exploit are available in 14 languages (and we are constantly increasing) English, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, German, Spanish, Dutch, French, Italian, Portugeese, Arabic, Romanian and Serbian.


We give you tips on what you should do to achieve a changed effect based on today's score.

Culture Exploit
Exploit the blind spots in the organization that make you build a winning Culture

The people in the real world do not behave like the people we make all our usual strategies for.

Ror i samme retning
Not all of your employees are rowing in the same direction!

What does a positive cultural journey really mean for your employees? How can you solve it?

Developing an organizational culture should not be stopped by expensive tools

We believe that you will be pleasantly surprised by the investment cost.

we believe in people

The understanding that culture is important has in recent years become a major focus area for many companies. Research says that managers want better information on how to utilize employees' strengths. The tools they have seen today are not adapted to the leaders' everyday lives. Quick and easy overview of what matters for how you will manage your organization tomorrow. Based on this, we started Xientia to give managers better tools to describe what the organization really is. The analyzes must be easy to interpret and carry out for all employees. Xientia is a Norwegian-owned company that delivers modern cloud-based tools in many languages.

Don’t wait! 

What you want affects what you think that affects what you do. Knowledge of the culture and develop it, means that we as an organization can end up in the zone!

Jari Aho

CEO and CoFounder Force Agile Sweden

A new course is needed because the world has changed and our view of man has changed compared to what it looked like yesterday.

Artificial Intelligence, Correlation vs. causation, Cloud solutions, sense making etc. Technology and knowledge made us overcome so many obstacles and release incredible things. I love Culture exploit since finally we can show the same kind of fascination and interest in our own people and our own organizations. Imagine where this will lead us….”

Henning Sohlman Lund

Cofounder Culture Exploit

A strong culture aligned with strategy and leadership drives positive organizational outcomes.

Listening and measure to understand your employees is an essential part of successful leadership and long-term organizational success. We see this high need to properly develop company culture from our valued clients. Also, the existing research proves how crucial good company culture is. Organizations who are able to establish a satisfying and healthy culture have highly engaged and motivated employees. Employees are indeed twice as productive, loyal and engaged when working in a healthy company culture. Culture Exploit gives you flexibility.

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