Before you start

Not all of your employees are rowing
in the same direction!

What does this really mean for your Company Culture, and how can you solve it?

"If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it" says Peter Drucker. Measure once is a happening. Culture exploiting is a continuous improvement. 

Before you start measuring the culture

  • It is important to make it well known to the organization why and what the intended purpose is.
  • It is important for you as a manager to really want to improve the culture in the organisation, even if you may have some tough experiences along the way. If you are not ready for change, don't do this.

When to use it

Development of organizations

If you have a goal in mind, it is important to know where you are in order to reach your goal. Most organizations know too little about the people who work there. Their assumptions are often based on opinion rather than facts. With the help of our tool, you will find out where you are and by checking out the leadership qualities and the behavior of the employees, the possibilities and speed of getting where you want will also become visible.

M&A processes

In Merger & Acquisition processes, speed and a good plan is important, even for knowing the people involved! It is important to have a map and a compass to take the right steps in the right direction, as fast as possible.

  • Know what challenges you face when it comes to the people in the organization.
  • Focus on Leaders and employees.
  • Which solutions give effect to the challenges you face. Whether it is a business you buy or there are two or more to merge.
  • Valued for dynamic, easy to use and understand, technical and cultural issues that are so critical to M&A success.

New as a leader

When you start in a new position as a leader it is necessary for you to have valuable and applicable facts about your employees. This will save you both time and wrong assumptions of knowing the people involved! 

when you start


Measure Culture

People knowledge

You need to know where you are to be able to change.
What is the reason why there is low commitment, high stress levels and many who are considering changing jobs? to know what is really going on among the employees we have to stop assuming but actually knowing your people. With Culture Exploit, you can build a cultural journey your employees love and measure what matters to employees, management and owners.

Baseline - Shows scores of 36 cultural dimensions divided into 9 groups with full drilldown for: department, age, seniority, gender, organizational level.
To figure out all the strengths and challenges it is important to start broad so you don't miss any blind spots.

In just one view, you have a complete overview of the entire organization with their strengths and challenges  

With this insight you will clearly see the opportunities for rapid changes that produce results both for the organization and the employees.
Stress tendencies - Is there anything that worries the employees? We look at 16 things that make employees happy or unhappy, psychological security and what matters in daily life.

If you are going in blind you´ll miss the mark

Observe the results

People awareness

How to visually see the unknown known. To change culture, you depend on people with the expected behavior. By mapping what behavioral tendencies there are, it will be easier to create a strategy based on the strengths of the employees. Set plans for activities which highlights the need of change and developments and you will succeed.

Focus areas -By choosing what is important at department level, it will make it easier for the immediate leader to focus on what is important. Perform development as closely as possible. Compare the results from the measurement with other KPIs you use today on, among other things, sickness absence, performance and how many and why employees leave the organization.

All this contributes to large increased costs. Maybe you can find the answers in the measurements?

Valuate strenghts and opportunities

People power

By adapting development needs for each department based on strengths and needs, we focus on future success by development of individuals, teams and organizations.
Top-performing employees create extraordinary results that provide a solid foundation for business growth.

Team specific pulse surveys - When the first measurement has been carried out, a decision must be made about what are the most important focus areas for each department. Once it has been decided, a development course must be created based on the selected focus areas. Based on this, department-specific pulse measurements are made to reveal monthly the effect of the development course. Quick and agile changes can then be made where the desired effect is not achieved.

Elevate the possibilities

People tomorrow

Train and develop - Training classes, coaching 1 to 1 and 1 to many, workshops and tooltip for leaders are different forms of development for leaders and employees. 

In order to check what potential there is for change, it is now also possible to measure which skills the leader has that are important for the focus areas. The behavior of the employees that affects the focus areas can also indicate the possibilities for change. 

Our Purpose is to deliver better and faster information of the organization in a smarter way,
so that humans and the organization will have better days. We help you develop your dream team.

How to use reports in Culture Exploit

In this video we show you how to use the reports in Culture Exploit.

Let your managers have the opportunity to build the culture in the organization stronger.

"If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it" 

A clear overview is needed enabling leaders to understand their organizations culture. This is important when adaping their organization to the strategy going forward. 

By getting an overview of where you are, it becomes easier to get where you want to go. By giving the managers this overview and training to show what opportunities they have, they will be able to create a development process that will give the right results.The managers' tools in this process will be:

  • Culture measurement, to know where you are 
  • Training where we focus on including leaders and employees 
  • What skills do the leaders have that influence the culture
  • Which behaviors do the employees have that influence the culture

Within a short period of time, you will see major positive changes among your employees regarding their experience of the culture in the organization. Implement our proven method with measurements, training and coaching set in a system that produces results.

A strong culture adapted to 

strategy and leadership produces positive organizational results

Use our tools and find your organizations strenghts and weaknesses, develop those strengths with the support of our team


Prescreening of what to measure

Take the Culture Exploit Baseline

Selection of Focus areas

Use of AI between strategy, Culture, Skills and Behaviors

Find needed skills amongst your leaders

Find needed behaviors in the employees

Individual training modules based on skills and behaviors VS Culturescore

what you can see

What can you see in Culture Exploit?

  • The whole organization gathered
  • The organization divided into: 
    • Place (Country and City)
    • Departments 
    • Gender 
    • Age 
    • Seniority 
    • Level in the organization
    • Remote, hybrid or office only
    • Full-time or Part-time employee (percentage)
    • Education level

Unlimited number of combinations of these. In order for the employees to be confident in their anonymity, no results will be displayed if the selected group has less than five employees.

In just one view, you have a complete overview of the entire organization with their strengths and challenges

With this insight you will clearly see the opportunities for rapid changes

that produce results both for the organization and the employees.
When you measure you can manage!

Real-time analyzes with no admin

Our platform is easy to adapt, easy to use and easy to understand. Data is analyzed automatically and reducing the need of admin for managers. Dynamic dashboards make it easy to share results and start development of the culture. 

  • Our security is first class, both for IT and of course for each employee.
  • Extensive SSO application catalogue
  • Provisioning
  • Security policies, compliance (GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA)

Text gives you more specific add on  

The combination of numbers and text provides a deeper understanding of the situation in the company. It will become clearer what will be a focus area.
When you measure you can manage!

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what we measure

What we measure

Culture Exploit consists of 36 dimensions that affect culture. Topics include: entrepreneurship, results, agile processes, environment, diversity, communication, teams, harassment, vision, purpose, values and strategy, and how this is experienced throughout the organization. It is based on the thoughts and ideas of former MIT Sloan School of Management professor Edgar Schein, and includes ideas from Carole Dweck (Growth Mindset), Angela Duckworth (Grit), Pat Lencioni (5 Behaviors), Wharton professor and author Adam Grant and UC Berkeley professor Morten Hansen.
When you measure you can manage!

Personal framework conditions (stress tendencies)
We also measure 16 personal framework conditions divided into: How it is today and how it should be. Employees choose which of these 16 are most important to them in their work.


The survey can be completed both on PC/Mac or smartphones. The employees do not have to carry out the measurement continuously. When they start again, they will always start up where they last left off. We measure with a 7 degree Likert scale. Likert scale is a psychometric scale often involved in research that is used in questionnaires. It is the most commonly used approach to scale responses in surveys, so that the term provides the most accurate distribution possible. 
Culture Exploit is a SaaS solution (subscription). This means that the product is cloud-based and does not need installation on each individual PC/Mac.


36 cultural dimensions divided into 9 groups with full filtering for: department, age, seniority, gender and organizational level. In order to define all strengths and challenges, it is important to start broadly so that we do not miss any blind spots. In the "Heatmap" report, managers get a full overview on one page of the entire organization with their strengths and challenges. With this insight, they will clearly see which opportunities for changes produce results for both the organization and the employees.Included in the main survey is also a full "Diversity, Equality, Inclusion and Belongings" report which highlights the demographic diversity in the organization as a whole and by department, and answers to questions linked to this.

How culture are visible in Culture Exploit