Measure - Observe - Valuate - Elevate

Not all of your employees are rowing in the same direction!

What does this really mean for your Company Culture, and how can you solve it?

Imagine the following: You are hired by the board to do a turnaround operation in a company.
Did you get the response from the employees you thought? Did the process take longer time and the response was not great?
What if you had a map that told you what the employees were responding to and what strengths already exist?

Would you let a doctor operate on you
without doing an examination first?

You have decided to explore your sweet-spots and Exploit your blind-spots.

"If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it" says Peter Drucker. Measure once is a happening. Culture exploiting is a continuous improvement. 

  1. Before you start measuring the culture
    It is important to make it well known to the organization why and what an intended purpose is.
  2. Once the first measurement has been made
    It is important that the management has a workshop where they agree on how to address the findings and how each individual leader should develop their department.
  3. Always during the process
    It is important to include the employees with the findings and development plans that have been agreed upon.

Agile processes based on the effect of development are important for achieving a continuous improvement.

How culture are visible in Culture Exploit

What can you see in Culture Exploit?

  • The whole organization gathered
  • The organization divided into:
    • Place (Country and City)
    • Departments 
    • Gender
    • Age
    • Seniority
    • Level in the organization
    • Remote, hybrid or office only
    • Full-time or Part-time employee (percentage)
    • Education level

Unlimited number of combinations of these. In order for the employees to be confident in their anonymity, no results will be displayed if the selected group has less than five employees.

In just one view, you have a complete overview of the entire organization with their strengths and challenges  

With this insight you will clearly see the opportunities for rapid changes that produce results both for the organization and the employees.
When you measure you can manage!

Stresstendencies shown in Culture Exploit
Culture Exploit

Real-time analyzes with no admin

Our platform is easy to adapt, easy to use and easy to understand. Data is analyzed automatically and reducing the need of admin for managers. Dynamic dashboards make it easy to share results and start development of the culture.
Our security is first class, both for IT and of course for each employee.

  • Extensive SSO application catalogue
  • Provisioning
  • Security policies, compliance (GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA)

To achieve a green shift, people in the organization must be more important  

Human capital makes up as much as 80% of our capital. This must be thought about in the long term, says Børge Brende, President of The World Economic Forum.
The UN's 17 sustainable goals take consideration of this. Culture EXPLOIT help companies focus on the people in an organization so that good health for both the individual and the company will benefit positively.

Culture Exploit text report

Text gives you more specific add on  

The combination of numbers and text provides a deeper understanding of the situation in the company. It will become clearer what will be a focus area.
When you measure you can manage!

ready to measureably improve the culture in the organization?