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Great for Consultants and Advisors

Great for Consultants and Advisors
We help you become an company culture expert so you can support your clients.

Drive revenue through referrals

Create a new revenue stream while increasing the value you provide clients 

Elevate your clients’ success

With the help of our dedicated partnerships team, you can help your clients create organizations that thrive. 

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Leverage sales and marketing tools to uncover new leads and empower your clients.

Culture Exploit will help leaders solve problems before it is a problem.
It has real live reports and you can drill down on many aspects.
The leader can see all the information about the organization in one view!

Of course, you will see scores immediately, as soon as at least five people have responded.
Culture Exploit does not need a day or two to compile statistics for the report.

Tracking employee data is only the beginning. What matters most is how that data is analyzed and translated into an actionable system of intelligence.

We think you will be pleasantly surprised by the investment cost.
Developing an organizational culture should not be stopped by expensive tools.

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