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“Leadership, people and technology are the most important value creators any company really has. Our role is to make your leaders great, people strong and technology work, all within a customized delivery platform, and towards a common purpose!”

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Pitchagon is a SaaS based online marketplace and research company, specializing on the tech industry. Pitchagon connects investors with entrepreneurs and founders from all over the world. Investors use the Pitchagon platform to scout and analyze their target companies.


Culture cannot be adopted - but it is affected every day. Without active and targeted action, the inherent limitations for development and improvement are strengthened - and not least for management's management ability.
The crucial thing for whether the structure is filled with counter-forces or constructive energy is that you take the right steps in relation to the company's ability to change.

Center of Excellence

center of excellence

What to expect after a survey?

After you have completed the first survey, the work of improving the culture of the organization begins.

We help you choose the right direction for this based on experience from similar previous experiences.

In our Center for Excellence, we have access to a number of resources with specific experience from your needs.

Project management and facilitation

Together with our network of partners and specialists, we undertake various forms of project engagement based on our tool for continuous improvement MOVE. Our Center of Excellence specializes primarily in Agile Processes, Change Management, Merger & Acquisition and general development of management and organizations.

Project management

We can help you with more information

We are constantly coming up with new science-based information about organizational culture.
The information will come as Webinars, movies, brochures, workshops, courses and links.
All our customers and those who have subscribed to our newsletter will of course receive this information.

Workshops for better Culture in the organization

Do you want to become better aware of the culture in your organization, but are unsure of how to proceed.
Then we can help you!

In addition to our renowned measuring tool, we also deliver Workshops based on the following topics:

  • Why measure?
  • How can we become aware and utilize the strengths of culture?
  • We have measured the culture, what now?
  • Develop the strengths of culture 1, 2 and 3

The workshops last anywhere from 2 hours to 3 days, or specially adapted to your company.

Webinar about important topics about Company Culture

Here you will find information about upcoming webinars. Information on topics, when and who it is intended for.

E-books and whitepapers

Download our e-books to see what we think is important in order to take care of and develop the organization's culture. 
We have made whitepapers that tells you about security, GDPR and how our system is built.
Feel free to contact us when there is something specific to your organization that you need to get an answer to.
Here you will also find an overview of the exact differences between our subscription solutions and how to go from one solution to another.

ready to measureably improve the culture in the organization?